Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Update 8: I'M PREGNANT!!!

So I guess the big news today is that we will be welcoming another Havertape baby into our lives .. God is so good!! I'm 8 weeks pregnant today and we are currently due on November 1st 2011, which would be super cool because the babies birthday would be 11.1.11, however Caleb's birthday is October 27th so he's hoping the baby will come a few days early and be his birthday present .. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. As for me, I'm still in shock a little and just trying to process it all. It happened MUCH faster then we had planned, in fact it wasn't planned at all and you can say that it's pretty much an accident .. Well an accident to us but in the big picture God knew all along. We had planned on having more kids but not for a year or so and for those of you who know my experience with getting pregnant it's not easy for it to happen to us, so for us to not be trying diligently to get pregnant and for it to just happen out of the blue can be nothing other then God!! What's really amazing about it is a few days after Eowyn's funeral I was talking to the Lord and telling Him my desires and my need to have another baby and how I hoped it was in His will for me to have another baby and experience being pregnant again .. Little did I know that He had fulfilled my prayer even before I had prayed it. That's how loving God is and how Omnipotent He is .. He knew my wants and desires even before I had expressed them to Him and not only did He know but He put into motion that which I desired, I mean this is amazing!! I do have to admit that Caleb and I have known for a few weeks that we were pregnant but I wasn't ready to share the news with anyone .. I guess I was scared, scared of being pregnant again, scared of what people were going to think or say (not that that should bug me, but I'm human and it kind of does) and just scared to think about the fact that we may have another baby with ACD/MPV even though the percentage is only 1-2%. I just can't go through that again, my mind and my heart can't survive losing another baby. I know some of the doubt is the enemy putting stuff in my head and I know some of it is just me being fearful for what the future holds. Fear is not of the Lord and I know this, however I also know I'm human and just with human nature alone makes you doubt and become fearful .. My job is to know I'm human, I'm flawed and when I have fear and doubt I only know one person to take it all to and that's God. So that's my plan, God is my plan and He will comfort me and sustain me. Like my doctor (Dr. Ramirez) said "We will treat this pregnancy like any other healthy pregnancy till we know otherwise!" So that's the plan, well there's other things to the plan but that's a start. Dr. Ramirez listened to my story then he brought in the head doctor of the medical center and she put in a lot of referrals for us to get things done, on the list is the following: Caleb and I have to meet with a Geneticist to get our blood tested so they can see whether the disease is inherited or not, we will be seeing a special OB person who will determine whether or not my pregnancy falls under the high risk category, I got a TB test done which will be read tomorrow, I have a referral to get an ultrasound done, basic blood work all pregnant women have to get done and finally they are thinking of doing an Amniocentesis to have genetic testing of the baby done while I'm pregnant to test whether or not this baby will be born with ACD/MPV, not that it matters to much because we'll still have the baby but for peace of mind I think it would be good to get done as long as it didn't harm the baby in any way. But we'll see, I have to talk with the Geneticist and ask if there is even a test available for unborn babies to get done concerning that specific disease and ask what the pros and cons are .. For now the baby is doing good, healthy, happy, growing and we are on our way to happily excepting another baby into our family, into our arms, into our hearts. CJ is very excited, already praying for another baby sister, Jesse is kind of like whatever mom, he's still kind of young to care to much lol but I think he's going to be excited when the time comes. Caleb and I are so happy and super excited!! .. Please keep this baby and our family in your prayers. Pray for health and safety of the baby, no complications and peace for us .. Pray we don't go crazy with worry and fear. Thank you Lord for the blessing (baby) you have given us, Your timing sometimes has me wondering if You know what You are doing, but I know You are to Wise to make Mistakes .. So here we go!!!


  1. That is so awesome!! what good news! God is so good and He has such perfect plans for you and your family. Always remember God never gives us more then we can handle. Give your worries and stresses to God so that u can have a healthy and safe pregnancy!! And when u feel scared pray and think of all your blessings and the blessing this child will bring. I am so excited for your family!!

  2. Hope it all went well and you have a healthy child. Eowyn is not forgotten.