Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Update 6: 1 Month Since Eowyn Went to Heaven

Well to be honest not much has changed since the last time I had an update .. Still dealing with heart break, looking to God for comfort and some kind of understanding, going on with our day to day lives and trying not to have a nervous break down. Today marks 1 month since she went to be with Jesus .. I really can't believe how fast it goes by, kind of like when I brought her home and she was 1 month old, I looked back and said to myself "Didn't I just give birth to you?" CJ has been telling me more often that he misses his baby sister and he wishes she didn't have to go to Heaven by he's glad she's not sick anymore. He also informed me that he's praying for another baby sister but this time he's asking that she would not be sick .. Not sure how to process that but I just tell him to keep praying because God hears him and will answer his prayers, in one way or another. As far as our family goes, the boys are both in swim lessons which they are liking a lot .. CJ is in level 2 (Mostly because he already knows how to swim but they need to help him with strokes and floating on his back), Jesse is in level 1 (for the second time) and that's because he doesn't know how to swim at all but he's learning and doing much better. He's not even supposed to be in the class because he's to young, but his birthday is in June and he'll be three so they just let him in the class. Caleb has been very stressed lately, you can be praying for him, he's still in school, working at the college teaching 3 multimedia classes, trying to run his own business and still grieving over the loss of his daughter .. Not to mention dealing with my crying and breakdowns all the time. He is an amazing leader and provider of his family but I can see how beat down he is and could use all the prayers you can put out for him. I'm doing better with every day thought I do take a step back, emotionally, from time to time .. The boys and family life keep me busy for the most part but there are times I'll cry out of no where and start to feel myself go through the "what ifs'" of her life and how I could have done something differently to change things. Those end up being the bad moments for me .. I also know I'm having the baby blues. I just love having babies, my kids are my life they are my ministry .. I know I need time to grieve but I also can't wait to have another baby. I just hope it's still part of Gods will for me to have another baby. In other family topics my brother and sister in law need prayer .. As many of you know Britny and her 3 kids were sent back to the US this last week because her son Johnnys' passport was expired. So they flew 13 hours to Russia sat in a confined area just to board the next flight out 15 hours later and then fly another 13 hours back to the US. They also have medical issues they are dealing with with their daughter .. Please pray for wisdom, understanding and knowledge that surpasses all understanding. Pray the Lord will reveal to them what He wants for them and from them.

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