Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family Update 2: The Day After Her Memorial

We are blessed to have had so many people come and share in the celebration of life for our little baby girl Eowyn. You never really know the people you'll see or who your loved one has touched and it was no different for us .. We saw so many familiar faces along with a few faces that haven't been seen in some time, then there were ones we have never seen but that God has brought into our lives through this journey of ours. It was amazing to feel the love and support that everyone was giving us even throughout the service. God is so good and His wisdom and knowledge in putting the right people in our lives in unbelievable. As we move on from yesterday I feel like all the emotions of her passing are starting to come out .. but with force this time. I think with all the planning of the memorial and trying to get everything handled I was able to keep myself mostly busy and keep my mind off of her passing. It's kind of my way to process things but now that everything is done and I have nothing else to plan of get ready for I'm just left to sit and think about everything that has taken place .. I have time to cry, be sad and lean on God and my husband to help get me through this. Now it's about really taking time to grieve, get the home life back up and running and getting us back on our schedules. I know I'll see her again and just thinking about the hug we'll have makes me smile .. Her service was beautiful and Pastor Cliff did an amazing Job (as always) at sharing the word of God and trying to reach the unsaved. I know that was part of the reason, if not the whole reason, Eowyn was hear, to spread the word of God through people and bring them closer to our Lord and Savior and we want to keep that going even after she left to be with Jesus. CJ and Jesse are doing fine. Really I think Jesse is to young to really know about anything that is going on but CJ knows and from time to time he'll bring Eowyn up and simply tell me "Mom don't cry, she's all better now .. Jesus healed her". I just hope he keeps up that faith and doesn't turn away from God .. I know how these kind of situations can lead to people running away from God and I hope that never happens. Please keep our family in prayer as we try to move forward.

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  1. i have followed eowyns story all the way and i just want to say howi wished i could have been there. i truly can relate to a baby loss as i lost my grandson. he was 4 mos. old and i watched him every day as my daughter went to work. one day i asked her to take him to a sitters and low and behold it was the last day i saw him as he died of sids. autum, we never know the why of things, just know that He will take you down the road to a faith,trust and strength like you have never had before.i continue to pray for your family. my daughter mechele has growen so strong in faith, and unbelievably strong where her other children are did something for her not to her.the road back is hard but look whos holding you up !may God continue to bless over your lives and heal your hearts.