Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eowyn Update 19: Upper GI

So the baby is doing really good today. She did have one moment where her stats went down really low but I thinks it's because they tried to go down on the INO again and she wasn't having it. For the most part today she has been sleeping and stable her HR is around 100-125bpm, her saturation is 99-100%, all the vent settings are the same (same rate, flow and oxygen). The INO is at 2-mikes right now so it is lower then the last time I updated her stats but when they went from 2 to 1 she kind of lost it and they had to go back up to 2. They aren't sure why she keeps de-sating every time they try to go down on the INo because they said at 4 mikes it's kind of like breathing regular air so at 2-mikes she is even lower then if she were to breath normal air but for some reason she like the INO and they will probably try again soon to get her off completely. They did take her down to OR to do an Upper GI on her, they need to make sure everything is in the right spot and working correctly in order to put the GI tube into her belly .. They said everything look great and functioned normally. Now they have to wait and get a Lower GI done before they can place the tube. I'm not sure when they that scheduled for but this is all information I was able to get out of Caleb. He'll be there at Loma Linda till Thursday and then he'll come home so I can spend a few days with her .. We decided to stay 3 or 4 days at a time because it's kinder to us on gas plus the boys get to see each parent for a longer period of time, trying to give them a little more stability, if thats possible. No news yet on when we'll be able to take her home or even when we'll be able to start our training to learn how to operate her vent and take are of her in general. I do know that the OR doctor will do the first Trach change on Friday or Saturday, it will have to be changed once a week, even when we bring her home, but they'll show us how to do that in our training. After the first Trach change they said we would be able to start holding her, which I am so super excited for and so is Caleb. They will also start her on Methadone in order to get her off Morphine and Versed, they did tell me that the general rule is how ever long you were on Morphine is the same amount of time you have to be on Methadone so you don't have withdrawals. Dr. Mirza said she isn't mentally addicted to Morphine but she is physically addicted and if they don't give her the Methadone she will have severe withdrawal symptoms and it could kill her. So apparently Morphine is no joke! In everything the hand of God is there and I see it everyday, not just with her but with our boys as well. I am going to be taking CJ and Jesse to go see her tomorrow. CJ has seen her one other time but this will be Jesse's first time seeing her since she's been in the hospital. He has to meet with a Life Coach Specialist before he can see her so that's scheduled first tomorrow morning and then they get to visit. CJ has already met with her and because of his age and how he did the last time he went she cleared him to see the baby whenever he wanted without having to meet with her every time. So with that I say good night and want to thank you all once again for be so diligent in praying for her for so long .. it is truly amazing to know we have so many people behind us and united under God. Praise God in all things!!!

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  1. WOW! That is alot going on! I am so thankful for her advances~ It is so good =) Love you bunches