Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eowyn Update 22: Next Big Step ~

As I walk into her room it seems like I fall in love with her even more .. How is that possible?! It's not like she has done anything to earn my love, hasn't done anything for me and when she grows up she might even not like me from time to time, yet my love for her surpasses all words in my vocabulary .. Then to think about how much more my Father God loves me, even though I don't deserve it, it's an impossible task and I just simply won't be able to fully wrap my head around it until I'm in His arms. Through this situation with Eowyn God has given me a great insight to truly knowing how much He loves me. How, through everything I do or don't do, He loves me. When I don't earn it or deserve it, He loves me. Though I may grow up and tell Him (as I stomp my feet) "I don't like you" from time to time, He is patient and He loves me .. What have I done to earn such absolute perfect love? Nothing, yet He still loves me!! That is an incredible thing to think about. Now for your update, Eowyn is doing fabulous! Her HR is around 140bpm which is a little high but she's kind of agitated right now but when she is resting the HR is around 109-120bpm and that is perfect. Her saturation is 99-100%, sometime you can see it go down to 85% but it doesn't mean that's what it really is, because she can move a lot more the little probe they have on her foot to read the saturation doesn't read properly .. You should see how fast she can move those little feet lol it's funny and really cute. Her respiratory is doing great, she is breathing above the vent and I think she is finally getting used to the Trach a bit .. in fact she has already detached the vent from her Trach several times. That will be something she'll have to learn not to do but for now all we have to do is reattach it and everything is fine. The vent settings have changed a little bit, a few of the setting I'm not sure about and I don't know what they do but those only got changed by one point or so .. The big one that changes is the rate setting, it has been on 16 for a while and then last night around 1am the RT (Frank, who is super nice and plays with Eowyn and will just talk to her every time he comes to do a treatment) came in and with his stealth ninja moves turned it down to 12 without me even seeing him do it .. I only recognized it when she woke up and I was standing next to the vent machine playing with her, I looked over and was in shock to see the setting had gone down .. Well she is doing great, all her stats stayed up! The next big thing that's going to be happening is, if all goes well and she tolerates it, at 4pm they will be turning off her Milrinone which is the last IV medication she has going into her .. This is big, not only because it's one less drug she's on, but for her to come home she has to be off all IV meds. So if this goes well she will be one step closer to coming home .. YAYAYAY!! Then after today the next big step is coming either Monday or Tuesday .. They will give Eowyn another ECO to measure her Hypertension once again and see if it has decreased at all from the last one she was given 2 weeks ago .. Everything is moving in the right direction, please keep her in your prayers and give all the Praise, Honor and Glory to God!! He is doing a Great and Mighty work in Eowyn and I am so blessed to be able to see it all unfold.

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  1. so happy to hear this great news! We are continually praying! =)