Monday, January 10, 2011

Eowyn Update 23: PH Probe

Well our baby is doing great again, Praise God!! Her HR is 130bpm, Saturation is 99-100%, her breathing is perfect and she is still breathing way above the vent. The vent settings are doing great, same as yesterday, no big changes. Today she got her ECO done and we should have the results for that tomorrow. It will show if the Hypertenaion in herr lungs has gone down at all since the last test. Also, it shows whether the heart has decreased in size and the functionality of the heart as well. Please be praying that the hypertension has greatly improved and just for overall complete healing in her body. A nurse did come in and insert a PH Probe which will measure (over a 24 hour period) how much acid reflux she has. The purpose of this test is to see what kind of GI tube she will need to have put in. If she has a high count of acid reflux then an OR doctor will have to insert the GI tube and fix the little flap that controles the acid, if she has a normal amount of acid reflux then the procedure can be done bedside by her regular doctors. Like I said, the study is done over a 24 hour period so we won't know anything till tomorrow. Other then all that she has a pretty uneventful day .. She'll get to just sleep, poop and play, which is all any baby wants to do. I myself feel tired, overhelmed and I just think to myself how unfair this all is, not just for our family but mostly for her. I feel bad she has to go through all this and still there's no answers .. it's just this way because it is. Personaly I really can't wait untill I'm done seeing this hospital .. Everyone here is great but I'm so ready to take her home and try to have a normal life, as much as we can anyways. She's doing really good and I should be happy, which I am however the stress of it all is starting to weigh on me. Plus Caleb is going to start school tomorrow and then start teaching next week so I'm not sure how seeing the baby is going work, plus the boys are sick right now .. CJ and Jesse were throwing up last night and now Jesse has a slight fever, plus there is other health problems going on with Jason and Britnys' kids .. We are already getting medical bills in the mail and I just think everything is a bit much for me right now. So the stress of life I guess is trying to bring me down. I just need to keep forcused on God and all the good things He's doing in our family and in Eowyns' life and little body .. I know this will all pass, I'm just wanting it to pass a little bit faster!!

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