Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eowyn Update 25: From Unit 5700 to 5800

So I went to grab a bite to eat last night and when I returned to her room I walked in on a nurse grabbing all Eowyn's belongings and piling everything into her bed .. I was just curious as to what she was doing so I asked:
Me "Um, sorry what are you doing?"
Nurse "Gathering her stuff together"
Me "Ummhhmm, OK good, Why exactly?"
Nurse "She's leaving"
Me "Leaving to go where"
Nurse "Oh they didn't tell you?"
Me "I'm assuming not, why tell me what?"
Nurse "She going to be moved"
Me "OK got that, to where exactly
Nurse "She's going to Step Down"

Sounds bad right? That's what I thought when she said it to me .. sounds exactly like the name, a step down, like in the wrong direction, like Eowyns getting worse .. That's what I was thinking.

Me "Is she getting worse?"
Nurse "Oh no she's fine, that's why she's going to Step Down. We need to make room for the other patients coming in who are sicker then she is"
Me "Oh right so it's a good thing then?"
Nurse "Yep, means she a step down in sickness .. one step closer to going home"
Me "OK great, you had me worried for a minute there"
Nurse "Sorry, don't worry it's good thing"

So to keep this long story from getting longer I will just say Praise God!!!
She is doing very good, HR is perfect, saturation is 100%, I even get a little more responsibility as far as taking care of her like washing her, changing her diaper, holding her, getting her to suck on a binkie and bottle, it's great and she seems to enjoy her new room, the only down side I think is that she now has to share the room with another baby .. But the nurses all seem nice and I have yet to meet her new doctors. Just more step closer to being home .. Praise God!!!

p.s. Also, I'm not sure I told you but the results from her PH Probe test came back and everything is normal, Praise God!! She may not even need to G Tube if they can get her to suck on a bottle .. I've been working with her on trying to get her to suck on a binkie and she's doing great so I hope when the speech therapist comes back to get her to take the bottle that we have a praise report to tell you all .. Keep Praying!!!

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