Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eowyn Update 28: Having A Rough Day!

So today around noon Caleb got a phone call from Eowyns nurse, she told Caleb that around 8am Eowyn started breath really fast and was having trouble catching her breath, her HR also started to climb and her saturation was going down into the 80%'s .. The doctor came in and order a large panel of test to be done and for them to preform an x-ray on her of her chest. They also had to raise her vent settings, she is now on 40% oxygen (not to big of a jump because she was already on 35%), the rate also went up from 10 to 14 and the pressure was on 22 and is now on 24. So the changes are not huge but it's not the direction you want to be going in. The doctor called back and spoke to me around 2pm and told me that her white blood count was elevated and that they found out she was anemic, so they ordered some antibiotics (which we are still waiting on) and order for her to have a blood transfusion. He also told me that the dietitian is making an order for Eowyn to receive a multivitamin that has iron in it to help her produce blood (which isn't a huge surprise to me because both the boys have been anemic their whole lives and my side of the family has a history of being anemic). She has been getting the blood transfusion for the last hour and she has about an hour left. Her HR is still high, she's sleeping right now and usually it's around 120 but right now it's at 145 and her respiratory is usually 25-30 and right now she's at 55-60. Her saturation was at at 92% or lower when I first got her at 3pm, but now it's come up to 97-98%. As for the test results we won't know anything till later tonight for tomorrow .. Not sure if this is an infection and if it is they don't know if it's from her Trach, her G Tube or her PICC line, right now nothing is clear but they still want to put her on antibiotics because with her history in the hospital and her condition they can't wait and take the chance that nothing is wrong, they basically treat it agresivley and if it comes back negative they just take her off the meds. So with all this not so good news, I won't say bad news because we've seen far worse, we do have a little good news .. On Thursday she had an ECO done of her heart and chest again and the pulmonoligist (the doctor who will be following her even when she comes home) told Caleb and I yesterday that the ECO did show SOME improvement, nothing crazy he said but there is improvement .. In my book "Some" = PRAISE GOD!!! Even with little set backs like today there is still need to rejoice .. God is good in everything He does and though we may not know the reason we do know how big and powerful our God is .. Take refuge in the fact that everything is in His hands!!! Please keep Eowyn in your prayers today, that she would feel great and recover from whatever this is quickly .. Thank you all, God Bless!!

P.s. The training is going great, Caleb got to change her Trach on Friday and I did all the cleaning and hygiene care .. We also got to learn how to bag her and give her one breathing medication (basically it's an inhailor that opens her lungs). We are supposed to start training on the vent but we will have to wait and see if she is doing better by Monday before we start all that, I'll let you all know what happeneds.

P.s.s. This post was writen on Saturday but for some reason it wouldn't let me post it at that time so I'm posting it now .. the only thing that has changed is the Mode of the vent. She was on this mode that only suported her breathes every time the vent would breath for her, now the vent gives her suport every time SHE takes a breath .. even if she breathes 60bpm the vent will suport her every single time which will help give her a break and not have to work so hard to breath. Oh also on Friday night around 7:15pm I was leaving a parking area, trying to get home and a guy ran his stop sign and hit my car .. so just one more thing to add to my plate. God is good and protected everyone in the accident and now the long proccess of insurence agents and trying to get my car fixed is starting.

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