Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eowyn Update 18: New Years Day

I hope everyone had a fantastically fun and safe New Years Eve and Happy New Years Day to all of you. I know everyone is eager to move on with the new year but make sure not to forget what the Lord has done in and with your life in the last year, the lessons you've learned, the people He has brought in your life to help mold and teach you, to help you grow closer to Him. We've had a long and challenging year and God has brought us through it all .. I found out in Jan. 2010 that I was pregnant, in June we found out we were having a baby girl, both boys have grown so much over this last year, we have overcame multiple battles with MRSA, a couple of ER visits with Jesse (one to have staples put in his head), Caleb got a job with MSJC teaching a computer class (which starts on the 18th of this month), Eowyn was born September 16th and then hospitalized on November 17th only one day after turning 2 months old and countless trips back and forth to LLCH, plus we got to see Britny and her kids who came from Russia to help us and Jason just made it back to the US last night .. and through it all God has had his hand on us the whole way, not to mention the incredible prayer and financial support we have had from all of you, this year has been a roller coaster of emotions.

Well Eowyn is doing good once again .. she's been awake for most of the day. It's been hard to get her to go to sleep, I think it's because she's been asleep for most of the past month and she just needs a little awake time, but her eyes get really red and you can tell at some point she's just being stubborn and that's when the nurse comes in and gives her more drugs to help put her to sleep, not that I think that's always the solution but what can I do the kid needs to sleep at some point. She got to meet her Uncle Jason today for the first time, I was very blessed that he got to see her with her eyes open even if they were red and tired looking. She's doing really good, her HR is 135bpm, saturation is at 97+% and the vent and INO settings are all the same .. I know yesterday I talked about the doctors taking her off of the INO, which they tried today, but it didn't go well so she got put back on it. The RT (Mike, who is the only RT that can truly pull off the color grey lol) said that at 3.6mikes (which is a very low amount) most babies can usually come off the INO with no problem but when he turned Eowyn's off her stats went down like hotcakes and he had to turn it back on. I think they might decide to go down to 3 or 2.5 sometime in the night but for now she is back on INO and staying very stable, which is where I like to see her. Like Mike says, she's getting mail here anyways why rush her, if she needs a little more time on the INO then that's how it has to be. I did get to talk with a doctor today, I forgot her name but she is an OR doctor, her, along with the resident doc and many nurses will be preforming a Tracheotomy on Eowyn this Monday in the afternoon. Caleb and I signed the release forms today for the operation so it is for sure happening. I'm happy they are going to be doing this because it means that we can finally hold her again, not to mention it will be way more comfortable for the baby then having that tube down her throat. Plus with the Trach Eowyn will be able to come off the Morphine and Versed that is helping with her pain because of the tube in her throat. Please be praying for her over the next couple of days, pray for the doctors, nurses and RT's that will be preforming this operation on her and looking after her in the days to come .. Also pray that they would have patience with us because I know we will have tons of questions and a lot to learn about taking care of our baby after this procedure. God has put some very wonderful and brilliant doctors, RT's and nurses to watch over Eowyn so I know He will send the right ones our way to help us through this transition .. Thank you everyone for your continued prayer, for Eowyn and for us.

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