Friday, January 14, 2011

Eowyn Update 24: Training Will Begin!!

Well it's been a few days since I last updated everyone on Eowyn and what better time to do it then when she's sleeping .. She stays awake a lot more now and with trying to play with her, keep her entertained and do little things like change her diaper, give her bathes and do her hair the time goes by a bit faster now. So she is doing really good, she has been for a while now. Her HR varies depending on if she's awake or sleeping but for the most part it stay around 120-150bpm, her saturation is at 100% pretty much all the time now, Praise Jesus!! The oxygen and vent settings are all the same and I don't think they will be changing them, I think these are the settings she'll be coming home on. Which brings me to my next exciting update, Caleb and I will have our first Tracheotomy Changing class on Monday at 2pm. One more step in the many steps needed to bring her home. We also got our car evaluated today to make sure it was big enough and safe for us to bring her home in and it passed, however with the amount of stuff they were telling me needs to be with her at all time (plus the nurse who has to sit right next to her should we choose to take her anywhere) our car will not be big enough for all of our kids to ride in all at the same time. So, should we choose to take all the kids somewhere we will need to borrow a much bigger car or should I say a van. Also I found out that when we are ready to bring her home Caleb and I will have to take all her stuff (a vent, oxygen tank and suction machine, along with the tubing she needs for breathing) and somehow secure it to the inside of the car with bungee cords so that at any point none of the machines can move at all because they will be huge dangers for all of us if we were to get into an accident with all that equipment in our car .. I was a bit (well a lot) overwhelmed when she was going over how everything would need to fit and how she thought we could position everything, also there will be no training for how to get all of the equipment into the car .. we will have to just take the baby down to the car and basically figure it out while 2 physical therapists watch us so they can see whether or not we can satisfy their regulations. I don't think Eowyn is ever going to be bale to leave the house, unless it's because we have to for doctors appointments. I just really pray she doesn't have to be on this vent for to long because if she just had the Trach it would alleviate all this stuff we have to tie down in the car and basically make everything easier and faster .. The physical therapist was telling me it could take from 2-4 hours just to put Eowyn in the car, tie and secure everything down, I mean my goodness this girl is going to require a lot of our time lol, not that she didn't before but now she's just getting ridiculous. But even with everything we still have to do I am excited to finally be starting our journey in training so we can bring her home .. God is so good and He amazes me daily, I learn the most wonderful examples of His love when looking into my own daughters eyes watching her smile back at me without a care in the world. Knowing how much she trusts us to do whats right for her, such innocence and this gives me a whole new outlook on trusting God as a baby trusts her parents .. I mean she knows nothing and can do nothing but still she is safe and cared for and all her needs are being met, and all she has to do is smile and look so stinken cute .. Oh man she drives me crazy with all her cuteness, I just want to eat her up!!!! So as you go from this page and go on with the day please keep Eowyn in your prayers and please keep Caleb and myself in your prayers also .. There is a whole lot of stuff we need to learn and somehow keep in our memory and Caleb is going to school full time and teaching this semester so everything has to somehow work together perfectly for us to get the training done as fast as possible and finally get her home ~ God is so amazing and thank you all for your continued prayers!!
p.s. Also in the picture Eowyn got to play in a bouncer yesterday for the first time .. and she loved it!! If I were laying down for 2 months I would love to be sitting up too. The chair vibrated and sang songs, she just didn't even know what to do with herself .. She's going to be so spoiled lol!!!


  1. That is so cute!! How fun!! I am glad she got to be in the bouncer! =D
    Well if you ever need to use our truck to transport her, that is fine too. And if you need to bring her home in our truck, that is fine too.
    Love you and we will continue praying for her and you guys!!!

  2. Well I'm just gonna go ahead and put this out there - the giraffe needs to cut back on the coffee just a bit I think - if I woke up to something (cuteness aside) staring me right in the face with those big ol' eyes, I would defy the laws of physics and literally fly across the room. ;)

    It was so fun hearing about Eowyn's experience with the bouncy chair! As you said before, some of these things we easily take for granted when raising our little ones - dressing them, holding them, playing with them, watching them sleep, anxiously waiting for them to wake up so you can spend "time" together...

    It sure does sound like it takes a LOT to transport her from one place to another right now. I'm thankful that you are finally able to begin preparing fo her return home, and we'll be praying that all of this new information is retained easily by you and Caleb, and that you'll "get the hang of it" right away so it doesn't seem so overwhelming anymore. We pray also that the necessity of the vent remains temporary so all the "car gear" no longer matters.
    So much love to you guys. :)

  3. So happy that she is doing great and got to use her bouncer. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. All of you are continually in our prayers. =)