Sunday, January 2, 2011

Update On Tracheotomy: Prayer Needed!!!

So Caleb, the boys and I were eating dinner when I got a call from Loma Linda. At first my heart sank because I don't normally get calls from them .. even when things were really bad with the baby I didn't get any phone calls but the first thing she said was "Eowyn is fine", after that I was good to listen to what she had to say. So here is the update: The nurse called me and informed me that the operation that was scheduled before Eowyn's got cancelled so instead of her operation being in the afternoon she is now going to be taken down to OR at 6am in the morning to be prep and operated on .. I ask that you would please be praying for her, that the surgeons would have the rest needed to preform the operation successfully, for them to have knowledge that surpasses all understanding and that God would have a hedge of protection of Eowyn, that she would have no complications but would fly through this with ease. Thank you all so much for your prayer and if you're up around 6am or so please say a prayer for our little girl .. In God we trust!!!

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  1. 5:05am - Praying without ceasing. Much love, rich blessings, great success for little Eowyn and her dear parents Father. Let them know, Father, that that we are walking alongside them at all times and are here for them should they need us for anything. We Praise you, God, for holding them steady in your hands throughout the many ups and downs they've experienced along this journey. Praise You also Father, for the many works you have already done in so many lives throughout the world because of this tiny baby's mysterious illness. You are the Great One, our Father, and let us not forget, our Mighty Physician. Please heal this sweet child you blessed the Havertape family with a few months ago. Her parents have shown so much grace and faith, and they, too, have touched so many lives in your Name. Please give them the peace and comfort you know it takes for a parent to watch their child endure something of this magnitude. Lastly, I pray Lord that this surgery is without complications, and that Autum and Caleb will soon be able to hold their sweet baby Eowyn in their arms once again. In Jesus Name... Amen.