Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eowyn Update 31: Starting Over

I just wanted to do a short update so everyone kind of knows what has been happening with her .. For the last couple of days she has been, for the most part, stable. This has put us back to how she was when she first came in here .. it feels like the last 2 months have been a huge waste of time, all the progress we have made has been completely wiped away and we have to start all over again *sigh!! She has been de-sating on and off but since yesterday the only de-sat she has had was today around 2pm, her HR went down to 40bpm and her saturation was down at 50% but they think that was triggered because the RT was suctioning her and she was waking up a little out of her coma and it irritated her. SO they put her under more medication to make her sleep again and she's been stable ever since. Some of the results from the tests they did on Thursday should be in tomorrow and we know already that she doesn't have RSV, so I'll have more to share with you tomorrow. I haven't been to the hospital since Thursday so I don't know how she looks but the nurses have told me that she is swollen again .. I just hope it's not so bad that she need chest tubes again. I do ask that you keep praying for her and if there is anyone who wants to donate money we really need gas cards. I know we have had a lot of support from you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts but one of the reasons we haven't seen her this weekend is because we have ran out of money to keep seeing her everyday, especially with Caleb having to drive to school and work our money for gas as gone quickly. So our need at this time is gas for the car .. Thank you and just remember God is in control so even if we can't see her everyday I know God is there and He has the last say so in whether she lives or dies. You know it has to be true when even the doctors are telling you to pray because it's out of your hands. Praise report is, she's stable and God is with her and there is no one better to have by her side!!

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  1. We are constantly praying for your beautiful little girl and your family. Love, Tammy