Monday, January 3, 2011

Tracheotomy is Complete: Praise God~

The procedure went great, no complications and the baby is now resting and doing well. Caleb and I got up this morning at 5:30am, got some coffee (because who doesn't need coffee that early in the morning) and we were at the hospital at 6am. They didn't end up taking her down to OR till 7:30am, that was expected, at least I expected it because when does anything at a hospital ever start when they say it's going to lol. We were able to follow her down to the 2nd floor where the OR is along with her nurse (Shana, who is one of my favorites) and her RT (Julie, how is also one of my favorites) and a couple of other helping hands. We waited with Eowyn outside the OR double doors just talking to her and rubbing her head as the team of doctors and nurses came to take her from us. At that point there is nothing you can do but know and have trust in the fact that God is in control and nothing is going to happen that isn't supposed to happen. After about an hour and a half they came back up with her .. We were waiting in the hallway because we knew she was coming up and as she came off the elevator I saw her little hands moving (there's a relief that comes with seeing that kind of thing). The OR doctor looked at us and said after she got the baby settled she would be back to talk with us. After about 5 minutes she came and said that everything went just fine, there were no problems or complications and the only thing that they didn't end up doing was putting a scope down her throat to see how much damage, if any, there was to her throat because of the tube. She said they decided not to do it because in order to do it they would have to take the tube out, insert a camera and for that Eowyn would have to be breathing on her own for a few minutes and they didn't feel like she was ready to do that yet. They will wait and as she gets bigger and is able to come off the vent then they will decide if it's still necessary, she said by that time everything that could be wrong could have already resolved itself and there would be no need for any further testing. So this is a glorious time of Praise and Thanks to be given to our Savior for all the safety and provision He has made for Eowyn .. Thanks to all of you also who were so diligent in Praying for her this morning and during her whole stay here at the hospital. She looks super cute, not that she didn't already, but you never know how important your uper lip is till you have it covered with tape all the time. It's almost like she's a whole new baby now that you can really see all of her face. The nurses all told Caleb and I that they already knew she looked like me but now with the tape off her face you can see how much she REALLY looks like me lol .. Poor Caleb, maybe he'll get the next one!!