Friday, December 17, 2010

Already 1 Month!

So it's been 1 month today that Eowyn was admitted to the hospital, 1 month since our whole world got turned upside down, 1 month that seems to have gone by so fast and at the same time feels like we've been without our baby for a life time .. It kind of makes me realize how our Father in heaven feels when His children aren't with Him. How He longs to be with us and how one day we will all be with Him worshiping His greatness .. What a day that will be, what a day it will be when I too can take my little baby girl home to love on her, hold her, tell her of the amazing healing the Lord did in her life, even change her diapers (Which I never thought I would miss). 1 month ago was the day she almost died but she didn't and I have to believe it was for a reason, I may not know what the reason is right now but I'm sure God will help me to uncover it some day. She not out of danger but I know my God is faithful, He's the master physician, nothing is impossible when the Lord is on your side .. like I say "The words or man mean little to me compared to God!" and even if the doctors count her out I know that only God has the final say, Only God holds the keys to life and death and that in itself comforts me.

Also Eowyn turned 3 months old yesterday .. Can't believe how fast it goes!!

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  1. Hey hun, it's so great to hear that Eowyn's stats are a little better. It's been a roller coaster of a month, I know, but you and Caleb have been a shining example of the faith by which God expects us to live, and to say that it's inspiring is an incredible understatement. We pray for you guys daily - sometimes several times a day - and I find myself checking your blog for updates first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

    As you know, we encountered some difficult circumstances this summer as well. From a medical standpoint, I shouldn't have lived through that, and it's sobering to sit in the office of a well-established surgeon while he shakes his head and says "We didn't think you'd make it, there was nothing more we could do - you really had me scared there, and I've never been scared before." But God had a different plan, and I had a lot of people praying for me. I still don't know WHY, and I realize that I may never have that answer. But God was at work then and still is today and that's really all we need to know about it.

    I don't reply to every update and I know the time you have online is limited, but know that we do read every update and we rejoice with you on the good days and cry with you on the bad. All of you remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs and love,