Monday, December 27, 2010

Eowyn Update 15: Talked With Doctor

Our baby is looking great today .. When I came in this morning she was sleeping. I was waiting for a couple of hours for her to wake up and she finally did, I just got done playing with her and then helping her fall back asleep. She just wants so badly to get out of that bed and be held, I can see it in her eyes and I'm sure she can see the same thing in mine lol. She's had another great night and morning, right now her HR is 149, saturation is 95%, the vent setting have been lowered again from 18 to 16 and they are talking about lowering her INO (nitric oxide), they haven't done it yet but it currently is at 15 so we'll see what they do with that later. As for everything else (meds) it's the same as yesterday. I did talk with Dr. Mirza earlier, who is the doctor for the day shift this week, and he was telling me that they are still discussing whether or not they even want to still do the biopsy. He said this was the lowest the pressures have ever been since she's been here and they feel like even if they do the biopsy they may not get any answers from it, it could just tell them what they already know and if they do get an answer they may not be able to do anything for her that they aren't already doing, then again if they do the biopsy it could tell them that there is something causing the hypertension and if it is curable then they can give her medication for it. So there are a lot of things to think about for them. He also told me that if she is able to be weaned off the vent that they could postpone the biopsy for a later time when she's older, even 6 months older would be better for her. It's better to do a biopsy on a healthier older baby then it is for a sick and younger baby. But then if we brought her in to do the biopsy when she's older it would be voluntary and the doctor said it would have less risk involved and she would just come in get it done and go home. So, again, there are a lot of things to think about and discuss .. For now, he said, they want to just see if she can be weaned off the vent. If she can't then they will think about putting a Tracheotomy in. He said that would be better for her then the tube down her throat because they would be able to go down or completely off the pain and sleeping medication and she would be able to be fed through her mouth instead of through the tube in her nose, and we would be able to hold her .. He also told me that if she couldn't come off the breathing tube and they had to put the Trake in, she could be brought home with a Trake and a vent .. apparently they have a program for that and currently over 200 babies are in that program. So even if she has to come home with a Trake and a vent she will be give the chance to grow and get bigger so if they do want to do the biopsy we can wait till it's safer for her .. This is the goodness of God. He also said that if she is given time to grow and get bigger the hypertension will probably decrease with time. I kind of don't like talking to this doctor, not because he's mean or doesn't know what he's talking about, he's actually quite brilliant, but he's always a downer. He looks at the glass as half empty and always leans toward the worse case scenario, so it's a bit hard to listen to him and still keep the hope of her coming home, all the good stuff I just wrote about I had to pry out of him .. But God is bigger the the doctor so if it's His desire for Eowyn to come home then she will. Maybe she's in here to change Dr.Mirza's way of thinking and you never know, maybe he'll come to know Christ through all of this! The ECO was done this morning around 8am and the final report will be done and ready for the doctor to look over tomorrow .. So just keep praying that there is a great improvement in the hypertension of her lungs and the doctors come to us with some outstanding news about the baby and for complete healing in Eowyn's body.


  1. What Dr. Mirza doesn't seem to understand is that it's the same God who brought Eowyn into this world that will determine when, and how, she leaves it. So he can be a downer all he wants, but it's a God much more Mighty than him that holds little Eowyn in the very hands that created her. We're thrilled with the positive reports this week and last, but we're continuing to lift Eowyn, you and all the medical professionals involved in her case up in prayer. I hope the ECO brings more good news tomorrow.
    Much love,

  2. SO happy to hear this amazing result!! So glad you saw the goo through what he said! Love you and can't wait till you and then us can hold her!! xoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxo

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