Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eowyn Update 6

My little girl is doing a bit better .. Praise Jesus! Don't misunderstand me, the condition of her lungs and heart are the same it's the number for her HR and saturation that are improving. Today her HR was around 145-150bpm, her saturation (SpO2) is around 94 which we haven't seen it that high in about 5 days so Thank you God for that! Her oxygen on the ventilator is at 60%, which is a little high still but it's better then what is was at (85-90%). I praise God for little things and the big things .. What's coming up for her is the doctors still need to start the Flolan, which they haven't done bc the medication has never been used at Loma Linda Children's Hospital and it's never been used in a baby as small as Eowyn so they need to make sure that the dosage is correct and how to administer the drug is done properly so they've been calling different hospitals around the area who have experience with the drug (which is few) to get advise about what to do. Once they are sure that what they are doing is completely correct they will start the drug and we'll be able to see if it's going to help bring down her Pulmonary Hypertension. Also the doctor talked to 2 different surgeons about Eowyn's biopsy and they both agreed that if they were to do a biopsy at this time it would for sure kill her, so we are waiting for that still. They won't do the biopsy till her swelling goes down and the settings on the ventilator go down quite a bit, if this all happens then they will reevaluate her and see if it will be possible to do at that time. Thank you all for the continued prayer for our baby girl, I know it's doing a world of difference for her and Caleb and I are feeling it too .. Keep up the good work, you all are a huge part of the testimony she's going to gave when she grows up .. In the words of Caleb "We love all your wonderful faces!" PRAISE GOD!!

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  1. Beautiful~ <3 you! Rejoicing for the little & big things =)