Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eowyn Update 13: Christmas Eve!

Today is Christmas Eve and to tell you the truth I never thought, even for a second, that one of my family members (especially one of my own kids) would be in the hospital .. But here we are! God has brought us so very far, not only in our own walk with Him but as a family too .. We are more united, stronger and not just toward each other but stronger as a family unit looking to God for everything! I'd like to think that, if anything, she had this happen to her because there are people out there that God was trying to reach and this was the only way He was going to be able to reach them or change them. She has so many people around the world praying for her I like to believe it's for a reason, even if it's just to save one person from going to hell. Many of us won't even accomplish that in our time here on earth .. She's only 3 months old and unintentionally through this situation she has helped us all grow closer to the Lord and learn what it means to really lean on Him in our time of great need. Our family has been so blessed with gifts this year, so many people really getting into the Christmas spirit of giving that it brings tears to my eyes (in a good way) every time I think about what so many of you have done for us. There is truly nothing I could ever do to repay your kindness and love that you have shown us .. We love you!!

Now for the babies update .. She is still doing very good, Praise God! We came in this morning after her RT (Tom) had just got done doing a breathing treatment on her. The nurse (Raquel) had informed me that Eowyn did very good in the night and so far she was doing good for the morning also. Her HR is 156bpm, the saturation is at 96-100%, she's breathing above the ventilator settings so that's good because it means that she is taking her own breaths and not just relying on the vent to breath for her. The doctor had the RT go down on the vent settings also, so now she's at 34% oxygen, the rate of the vent went from 22 down to 20 and her pressure is at 26/6. They also decided to go up on her feedings because she is starting to poop regularly again, so now they are going to go up by 3cc's every 6 hours till she hits around 20cc's an hour and right now she's at 8cc's so she has a little bit to go. She is going to be getting an Eco done on Monday to check on the hypertension in her lungs and see if there has been any improvement .. I am hopeful (But I'm also an optimist) and I do think that her hypertension is going away, if it hasn't already. I still would like you all to keep praying for her and asking the Lord for complete healing in her body. The Lord is in control and I know with everything in me that He has a great will for Eowyns' life and I will love to see it come to fruition! I pray every single one of you have a wonderfully blessed CHRIST-mas .. Just keep in mind that it's not about how many gifts you get, like we tell our kids, Christmas is the day Jesus was born (kind of), He came to earth as a baby so that He would grow into a man, die on the cross to save the whole world from their sins so that we could enter the kingdom of heaven and spend eternity with God .. without Him being born none of that would have happened and we would be in a very hopeless place. Have a very blessed CHRIST-mas and please keep praying for our baby!!


  1. Beautiful Blog!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We love you and your precious family <3

  2. we love you too and I am so blessed by your openess and blessing us through your situation by sharing your heart

  3. So great to hear of Eowyn's continued progress!Not a doubt in my mind that God has a purpose for all of this, and His work is certainly being done. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! We love and miss you and, of course, will continue to keep little Eowyn in our prayers!
    Keri & family