Saturday, December 25, 2010

CHRIST-mas Day~!

We have been so blessed this year .. So many people coming out to help us and most of all the boys got so many gifts they are just beside themselves on what to open and play with first. It truly has been a great Christmas. The only thing to top it off would have been having Eowyn with us at our home to join in the fun, but I am still blessed because of how well she is doing .. God is doing a huge miracle in her, that's all I can say. I cam into the hospital around 4:30pm and she was sleeping so I got on the laptop and messed around a bit on FB just waiting for her to wake up .. When she finally did it was worth the wait. She opened her eyes looked straight at me and smiled .. Then I started talking to her and she just kept smiling, looking at me and smiling, moving and trying to turn her head, moving her arms and legs .. looked like she just wanted to be picked up and played with (That's what I was trying to resist from doing to be honest lol). The nurse came a little while later to change her and discovered that Miss Eowyn had a poop diaper again (FYI: The third poop for today), then the baby got suctioned and it made her chock (which is what she supposed to do) she didn't like it so much that I got to see her throw a fit and start to cry, even though I couldn't hear her it still made me cry, just to know that a couple of days ago she was on so much medication and she was completely paralyzed and now to see her trying to cry and express so much emotion is the biggest blessing I could ask for .. Praise God for everything that He is doing! I just stand before Him with nothing to say because all the words that come to mind somehow seem so unworthy to even be spoken in front of Him .. How do you find the perfect word to thank God for the miracle He is doing? Is there even such a word that exists? I don't think so, but just know this, once I get to heaven I will not be without the perfect word to describe my perfect, all powerful, amazingly wonderful Father!! We couldn't have her home this Christmas but it was the best CHRIST-mas so far .. God Bless you all and I pray you have a wonderful rest of the day! Thank you God for choosing to be born because without You we would all be in lots of trouble .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!

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  1. I am thrilled to read this! Happy Christmas to us all :)