Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eowyn Update 16: ECO Results

Well Caleb has been at the hospital since yesterday evening and will stay there till tomorrow night, so I can't give you specific numbers but I can tell you how she's doing and what the ECO showed. From what Caleb has told me Eowyn is doing really good, her HR is about 120-130bpm, her saturation is about 95+% and the doctor did make some changes to her, as in the baby herself. He had the nurse take out the babies catheter, so now she is free to pee and poop in the diaper as she pleases lol plus they took her off the IV that was giving her nutrients and they are giving her just straight breast milk (till it runs out then they will switch to formula because I am no longer producing milk so I had to stop pumping). As for everything else (meds and vent settings) it's all the same as yesterday. The ECO report did come back this morning and Caleb was able to talk with the doctor, Basically her hypertension is not any better then when she first got there. From the numbers that Caleb saw she started at 490 and is now at 409 (not even sure how accurate the numbers are but this is the best way to keep track of the hypertension) so she has decreased but only by a very small amount, they also said that her heart has decreased in size but not by much. The doctor said the right side of the heart used to be bigger then the left (which it's not supposed to be) but now the right side of the heart is just the same size as the left, so depending on how you look at it this could be good news .. at this point they're not sure if it's because of the medication they are giving her or if the lungs are starting to recover on their own from whatever this was that caused it. They talked to Caleb again about doing a biopsy of her lungs again but after talking it over with the other surgeons and doctors they all decided that if there was anything they could do to help the hypertension they are already doing it so for the time being they feel like the biopsy is unnecessary. The plan for now is to just keep on weaning the vent settings and see if Eowyn is able to come off the vent. Caleb told me that Eowyn has been sleeping for most of the day (the nurses put a beanie over her eyes to put her to sleep, they do this because they want her to sleep as much as possible, I call it the coma beanie lol because every time you put this beanie on her head she falls right to sleep, it's so funny) but when she is awake he has been talking to her and making her smile. The nurse for this morning even told Caleb that Eowyn is the sweetest little baby she has taken care of, she said Eowyn, despite being moved and occasionally crying, always has a little smile on her face and she thinks Eowyn has a beautiful disposition. Hearing that lifted my spirits because after hearing about the hypertension not going down very much I've been having a very bad and hard day .. I don't know how long this is going to last but I do know that we are in this for the long haul, so whatever it may take of us just know we are going to do all we can for her .. everything else is going to have to come from the Lord, all our trust is in Him and that's about all we can depend on. So please keep praying that God will preform a complete healing in Eowyns' body and for us to have to strength and heart to keep pushing forward .. It's hard sometime to find the good in all of this especially when all you get is one bad news after another, but the good is in there, it's just harder to see.

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