Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family Meeting with Doctor.

A family meeting was planned to discuss the severity of Eowyn’s health based on the events that were unfolding throughout the beginning of this week. Toward the end of last week, Eowyn’s condition was rapidly deteriorating and continued to worsen until Tuesday morning. Eowyn’s body was distending with fluid to the extent that it was generating even greater pressures on her lungs. Tuesday morning they decided to place several tubes in her body which included the left and right side of her lungs. As of right now, just on her left side, they have extracted 800 CCs’ of fluid. Since the tubes were placed two things have changed: the objective of the meeting and Eowyns’ condition. Eowyn has been doing very well on her stats since the procedure and has been making exceptional progress on the ventilator settings; therefor, the meeting was much more positive than originally intended. What we did not know is that the doctors have diagnosed Eowyn with Right Heart Failure. The un-oxygenated blood coming to the heart is being forced out by her pulmonary hypertension. Blood is a mixture of cells and watery liquid, called plasma, that the cells float in. it also contains other things like nutrients (such as sugar), hormones, clotting agents, and waste products. All this fluid—cells excluded—IS what is leaking out into her lungs and body. Without these plugs in her, Eowyn will continue to swell with this fluid. With these tubes Eowyn has been able to make significant progress; hopefully this progress will allow the hypertension to dissipate or provide a window for the doctors to perform a lung biopsy. We are praying earnestly that her body will begin to resume a normal function with the help of these tubes.


  1. My goodness. Well, Praise God for the progress she has made this week! And we will continue to pray for further healing and strengthening.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for posting. We are so glad that the meeting was better than the original intent! We will continue to pray with you for the normal function of her heart and body! Love you guys~