Friday, December 31, 2010

The Chest Tubes Are Out!

Little Miss. Eowyn had a pretty eventful day today. The doctors wanted to see how well she would do if they clamped off the tubes going into her chest, they need to see if she will refill with fluid before they actually take the tubes out for good, so they switched the valves off and let her lay there with no fluid draining from her chest. She did really well apparently because when I came in this evening they were gone. I didn't notice it at first, I just remember coming into the room and saying to myself "she looks less cluttered" like her bed and the room looked a bit more empty, and that's when I looked down and noticed that not only were the two chest tubes gone but so was the belly tube. I hurried over to the nurse, kind of in shock because no one told me anything like that was going to be happening today, and asked her "when did the baby get the tubes taken out of her chest?" Apparently around 3pm today was when they had made the decision to take the tubes out. Funny thing signing over your child to the doctors, they ask for your consent to do the procedure but once they have your John Hancock you never get a phone call about anything else that has to do with that procedure .. they can modify it, cancel it or end it without even letting you know. I am happy the tubes are out, she was so uncomfortable and I'm sure she was in pain because of them. I just ask for prayer for her, that the fluid will be able to be absorbed by the body properly and she would not fill back up with fluid. The doctors must have thought her body could do it or they wouldn't have taken the drains out in the first place .. There are so many very brilliant people working here, plus I have God .. no better combo out there then that. So I will keep you all updated on how she is doing with the tubes out. I was able to help give her a bath tonight, comb her hair, hold her hand while she cried and help she fall back to sleep .. All in all it was a pretty perfect night. I love watching her sleep, I love watching her chest move up and down with each breath she takes and I love watching her eyes, feet and hands twitch knowing she's probably dreaming about dancing with our wonderful Lord and Savior .. It takes my breath away just thinking about this perfect little human God created, how could anyone but God make something to absolutely perfect!!!


  1. Awww! That is so precious! I love that~ Love you guys!!!