Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eowyn Update 9: A Little Shaky

For the most part today she has been stable and all her stats are basically the same as yesterday. She is off dopamine completely, praise God! They did stop feeding her today .. They will keep trying a little here and there, but her tummy is still very swollen and so is the rest of her for the most part, Lasix is working pretty good however she is so swollen it will take a while to see a good difference from the medication. They put her on a new antibiotic today, not sure the name of it but it seems to be turning her pee orange .. kind of funny to see. Her HB is at 150, saturation is 84 (But the doctor thinks it's so low bc they took her off the paralytic and her body is just adjusting), oxygen is at 55% and the vent setting is at 25 (again bc of the paralytic being off they had to mess with the settings to get her as stable as possible). I also noticed as they were doing her breathing treatment that the back of her head is COMPLETELY bald now :( She had such a pretty full head of hair too .. I know it can grow back but it looks really bad!! At least I can still put a bow in her hair on the top of her head :) .. I am sad that she wasn't there for CJ's birthday party. We had a small party for him (Just family) today at 3pm .. Papa George warmed up the whole pool so all the kids could go swimming. We had spaghetti with garlic bread, a beautiful and super yummy cake that my mom made by herself with ice cream then CJ opened his gifts .. I now need to clean out his toy box and get rid of all the old toys before Christmas gets here .. We are so blessed and as I was sitting there missing my baby girl and sad because she couldn't be there I looked around and was amazed and blessed to see how many people love us so unconditionally .. God knows how to fit exactly the right people together to make the perfect family, He knew what He was doing when He picked out mine!! Thank you all so much for all the prayers you are putting out for Eowyn and for the whole family .. You are so much a part of all this and we really couldn't have done it without you .. I pray God will return the blessings on all of you, so you can feel all the love just as we do!!!


  1. Happy birthday CJ!!! I hope you had a awesome day!

    Wonderful news. I am so happy to hear that things are going so well for Eowyn. I called my mom last night and she was eager to hear the news too and wants you all to know she is still praying for you all.

    Lots of love!

  2. We continue to pray for Eowyn every single night and know that the Lord is at work. Modern medicine is incredible and the Lord has given those men and women some incredible talents but HE ALONE is in control. It sounds like things are going better and we will continue to pray.

    Thanks for the updates!

    Grace and peace,

    Mike and Lisa Larsen