Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unexpected Blessing!!

I wanted to write about the blessing I (or should I say the kids) received last night: So after leaving here from the hospital last night around 1:00am I got in my car and drove to the Ronald McDonald House where we have been staying, I park the car, get in the door of the house and decide to go in the kitchen to look in our pantry (each room has an individual pantry) for a late night snack, my surprise comes when I open the pantry and a huge wrapped gift basket full of food and goodies is sitting there staring me in the face lol .. Then after praising God for such a wonderful surprise and blessing (and also after looking through it) I put it back in the pantry and start to make my way to the room. I put my key in and turn the handle to open the door and before me in the middle of my room stands a brand new 2 wheeler bike (for CJ) and a huge black trash bag (like the big 33g garden bags) full of toys for all the kids, there's even little girl toys in there (Eowyn officially has her very first baby doll), it was amazing, all I could do was thank God for this wonderful gift and blessing that was in my room .. I still can't believe it happened. God is so good and provides even when we don't ask for it. I just pray that whoever gave us the bike and toys, whether it be one person or many people, that God would bless them as they have blessed us .. How great is our God!!!! Oh also, before Eowyn came to the hospital I had decided to attempt making a blanket for her, nothing fancy but I wanted to try and make those blanket that you tie the fabric together all around the whole blanket (hopefully you know what I'm talking about) but before I got a chance to do it Eowyn was in the hospital and I haven't thought about it since (to much other stuff to think about) but I really wanted her to have one, well I got one of those blankets in the black bag of toys .. How wonderful is that!! God knows the desires of our heart even when we don't come and ask Him, He's still faithful to bless us with it .. I just stood there with this blanket in my hands and worshiped God, I couldn't even speak because I was in shock .. He provided more then I could even imagine!!!

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