Monday, December 20, 2010

Eowyn Update 10: Love Her Eyes & She Pooped!!

Everyday I come into her room I can't wait for the moment where she opens her eyes .. even if it's her looking through half opened, groggy eyelids. She has such beautiful and unique eyes, it's amazing how God works that out .. How everyone is so different and how God is so creative that He can give everyone a different fingerprint .. He could have just made us all the same, but He didn't!!

Eowyn has been doing good for the most part today. The nurse this morning told me that Eowyn had a little fit (meaning she desated) a bit during shift change but other then that she has been stable all day. Her HR is 158 at this moment but they just got done doing a treatment on her chest so it will go once she settles down a bit, her saturation has been between 88-92 all day, the oxygen is at 70% and the rate of the vent is at 25. The only thing they did today was an ultrasound of her belly, they needed to check on the fluid gathering and see if there is enough in one spot to consider doing another drain. *OK so as I was writing the nurse called me over to see something, so the time elapsed between the last sentence and this one is about 10 minutes, and when I went over there she showed me the biggest poop I have ever seen lol .. it may not sound like a lot to you but it is a great step for her!!! She pooped a little yesterday but other then that she hasn't pooped in a long time, oh also when the nurse was wiping her she farted .. So that means a couple of things, first it could mean that the doctors will start feeding her again, they had to stop the feedings because she wasn't having bowel movements, second it could mean that her ileus is either healed up or at least on it's way to healing up .. So either way this is a very good thing .. Praise God!!!!! Oh yes we will even Praise Him for poop!!!* OK so back to the fluid .. they may end up putting another drain in but we won't know the results of the ultrasound till tomorrow. Tomorrow she will also be having some more blood drawn and sent out to Texas for testing, they are testing her for a rare gene (I don't remember what it's called) but if she has a deficiency of this gene it would be the cause of the hypertension in her lungs and explain why her lungs have trouble with producing oxygen properly .. What ever happens with the test whether it comes back positive or not we need to keep our eyes and faces fixed on God. No matter the outcome of the test only God holds the key to life and death and as for me and my family we will praise Him in EVERYTHING .. The good and the bad. We love you all so very much and thank you with everything in us for the diligent prayers you all are putting out there.


  1. YEAH FOR POOP!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! That is a huge deal momma!! Im so excited... God IS good!!

  2. Fantastic news! Yes the poop is certainly something to rejoice over - an ileus means that the normal contracting motions of the intestines that push food & waste through the digestive system have stopped. The fact that she has pooped is a great sign that perhaps her intestines are beginning to work properly again. We'll pray the pooping continues so they can get those feedings going again - she needs all the nutrition she can get. I know seeing her beautiful eyes must truly warm your heart each and every time. And you're right, her eyes ARE very unique and quite stunning actually. I love the way you pointed out how God chooses to make no two people alike - with as many people, you'd think he'd run out of ideas eventually, but oh no, not our God. Anytime we feel lost among the crowd, or not special and important to God, we can just start naming all the little things that God did to make us unique. He chose how many hairs to put on our heads, and what color they would be, and when they would turn grey, and whether they would be full and thick and coarse and curly or stick-straight and soft and shiny like silk. The shape of our fingernails, the sound of our voice, the color and texture of our skin, our height and body frame. He determined the number of beats our hearts would make long before they began beating in the first place. The eyes he blessed us with, as unique as our fingerprints, none the exact same from one person to the next, and still something useful that allows us to see and praise Him for the amazing world all around us (and yet still, nothing compared to what He has prepared for us in heaven). To call Him our Creator, our Master, STILL seems insufficient for the Mighty One that so lovingly stitched us together. I pray the results of the test shed some light on this situation so the doctors may finally understand what they're dealing with here. In the meantime we'll continue praying for Eowyn's progress and stability. Much love. :)