Friday, December 17, 2010

Eowyn Update 7: Praise Report!

We as believers should praise God in all things, the bad, the not so bad, the good and the great .. So for now we praise Him for the good, Eowyn has been stable and actually improving a little today. Her HB is around 135, her saturation is at 93% right now but for the earlier part of today she was at 100% for quite a while plus they have started to lower the ventilator settings so when she does start moving she will have the chance to breath on her own a bit "PTL", the dopamine has been lowered to 5 (it was at 10) and they are even lowering the paralytic so she can start moving and opening her eyes a little bit .. I can't say this enough times "GOD IS SO GOOD" well not just good but great, fantastic, magnificent, all powerful, I mean there are not enough humanly words in my mind to describe the awesomeness of the God we all serve. I think the greatest ones are, God is Faithful (even when we are not) and God is Just, in everything He does (even when we want the answer for "Why?" but the answer is not given). Again I want to thank every single one of you for diligently praying for our little girl .. You all will forever be in her life and a part of her future, you all are the reason why we can stand here and say "Prayer Works!" So we wait and see what God bring us tomorrow, but for now we fall on our faces to worship and praise the God who was and is and is yet to come!!


  1. PTL!!!! PTL!!! YES AND AMEN!! Im am so proud of her, and you guys!! This is a rough patch but thats all it will ever be! Our Lord has healed her!! We pray for you ALL everyday! I hope the boys are doing well... this is got to be hard for them as well, and not understanding as much as you can explain to them! We love you guys! I am so glad you are into our lives! Joy in this Season! Let me know if there is anything else you need or would like ok! 951-234-2820!! Noell

  2. Great news! Much prayers and love-Cari