Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eowyn Update 11: Praise Report

I got a call this morning at 9:42am from the doctors informing me that yesterdays ultrasound revealed large amounts of fluid gathering in her belly and around her lungs, more fluid on her left side of her chest then the right but fluid none the less. Their idea was to put a drain in on the left side of the chest near the lung to help relieve the pressure of the fluid that was building up, well the procedure went so well they decided to also put a drain on the right side of her chest to help with the draining .. Well it worked out great, the doctor told me that as soon as they had stuck the tube in 150cc's drained out of her left side instantly and 70cc's drained out of the right side .. She does have the tube in her belly as well and so far that has drained out 110cc's. The measurement on her belly showed that it went down by half a centimeter, very little but still praise worthy! So now her HR is at 139bpm, saturation is in between 95 - 100%, oxygen is down to 50% and the vent rate is still at 25, mostly because they don't want to do to much to fast. She is very stable right now and the doctors want to give her time to adjust and have time being in a positive setting. When I first came in today it was 1:30pm and I was told that the procedure took 3 hours from start to finish, when I saw her she had her eyes wide open and was just looking at me. I talked to her, rubbed her head and gave her a little message with lotion on her legs and arms .. It was so wonderful, then she stayed awake for like 3 hours just looking at me and looking around at the room and finally fell asleep. Caleb and I do ask for your prayers at this time because we both are meeting with the doctors tomorrow to have a family meeting and we may have to make some decisions about Eowyn and her future .. We need the Lord to give us knowledge, wisdom and discernment to make sure we make the best decisions we can for Eowyn. Please keep us in your prayers tonight and tomorrow .. Pray that Eowyn does great tonight, that the Lord does a great work in her body and for complete healing. I really want a miracle because then it leaves no one guessing to who healed her, they will have no choice but to praise God for the healing .. I want the doctors and the nurses to be dumbfounded and know that nothing but the Lord could have done it.

Oh also, when I came in this afternoon the nurse and RT informed me that the baby was doing bad all night and this morning they had to bag her three times, her fingers and hands were turning blue and the RT told me that you could see her face start to have a tint of blue .. Mike (the RT) had told me that if they hadn't of done the drains he was afraid the baby was going to pass away today .. So PRAISE GOD!!! See how good our God is .. He sees around the corner and knows whats going to happen way before it does. I left last night at 1:30am and she was doing quite well so when they told me all that had happened it took me by surprise because I thought she was doing good, but God knew better and our prayers were answered .. All the praise, glory and honor go to God!!! Thank you all for you prayers!!!

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  1. Wow - good heavens - I don't even know what to say. That's a hefty mix of good and bad news. Just know that we're praying - especially tonight and tomorrow, as you have asked. Praise God, for His omnipotence and for His Mighty healing power. Much love...