Friday, December 10, 2010

Doctor Talk

After talking to the doctors this is what I have gathered: Yesterday they began calling Los Angeles childrens hospital; they are looking for any type of answer or advice and LA seems to treat more cases involving issues that might be similar to Eowyns'. Hopefully they have seen some cases where patients showed similar symptoms. They are also talking about experimental drugs such as Flolan. As far as I know they havn't used Flolan on someone wynnies size. Also, yesterday was the first day I heard them mention a tracheotomy.
As of right now the doctors are calling this a lung disease, because there are no virus or bacterial conditions to link to her condition. They seem to be reluctant in doing the biopsy at this point and are unsure that it will even tell them anything they don't already know. They know that Eowyn's lungs are hypertensious; they know that it has effected her heart, they believe that musculature around the vessels has thickend greatly--which is common for hypertension-- and those muscles seems to spasm when irritated closing off air-ways. They are assuming this is what they will find out from the biopsy, which, like I said, they already know. I think we are still planning on the biopsy, just for a time when they can get her ventilator settings way down.
Please pray for us that we don't get sick. I have been feeling under the weather these last few days, I am not sure if something is coming on if its because I am stressed and havn't slept since Noah build the ark.

Thank you God for friends and for the body of the church.
Oh, and praise God that I do not have a tumor on my tibia...the X-rays came back negative!

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