Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eowyn Update 5: Praise Report of Picc Lines.

Thank you all for your prayers .. The procedure went very well and it was successful. God is so awesome and faithful! As of right now her HR is at 178bpm and her SpO2 is at 90-92 .. Her oxygen on the vent is at 85 but she did just have the procedure done so it will take a bit to get the vent settings down .. Also they are going to put her on Flolen but bc she's not a year old or bigger they won't do a constant drip through an IV in her chest, however they are going to use it in an inhaler for that they will give her through her breathing tube .. It's not quite as effective but it should do her good and it's given every 6 hours .. Please pray the medication will work great and not give her complications. Continue to pray for full and compete healing in her body .. God is awesome and He is able!!

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  1. Thank you Jesus! Continued prayers coming your way!